Recently I began working on a web project that I wanted to use React and ES6 for, and I started going through the beginner tutorials at the React homepage. While they are great for starting, you embed your JS code directly in the page, and I couldn’t find out much info there on how to start bundling React with webpack. If you google react es6 skeletons, you’ll find a lot of options, and some pretty good ones as well. Unfortunately, I am a Javascript novice and many of the norms set up in some of these projects were foreign to me, so I wanted something slightly more barebones.

I spent a short evening bundling up my work so that someone who is coming from other programming backgrounds will be able to start quickly. You can find a link to the skeleton repo here. It uses webpack to bundle your js, and it also includes Bootstrap for ease of use. The build/run commands are all done using the npm task runner, and not an external tool that requires another config. All of the relevant info you need should be highlighted in the README, but let me know if there is anything missing.